Ocean Intelligence


Timely, accurate depictions of the future metocean environment, from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the ocean.

Current Conditions

Observations and models of present-time metocean conditions, supported by real-time data from gliders in the ocean to satellites in space.

Historical Conditions

Decades of observations and model analyses to describe past events to help us better understand present and future conditions.

Custom Maps

Maps at the resolution and area you need, with expert interpretation.

Custom Reports

Reports on site characterization, historical conditions, and statistics, with expert interpretation.

Custom API

Data to support your applications and research, served in a custom API.

sea surface salinity, Atlantic Ocean

Front Marking

Temperature fronts marked on high resolution maps, to improve fish finding. Near-real-time data, with cloud cover removed.

sea surface temp off NC, edges marked

Loop Current Prediction

Historic, present, and future position and strength of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico. Eddy shedding and location.

Loop Current Vectors Gulf of Mexico