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offshore wind turbines


Offshore wind, hydrocarbon, and hydrokinetic siting and resource data. Historical and future metocean conditions that impact offshore assets. Maintenance window forecasting. Load balancing analysis.


Supply Chain & Shipping

Route planning based on metocean conditions: ocean currents and eddies, and marine weather. Improved navigational efficiency to safe fuel, time, and carbon emissions.


Fishing & Biological Impacts

Maps for commercial and recreational fisheries with conditions from surface to bottom. Sea surface temp, ocean color, and exclusive Optimal Catch Location. Species-specific location likelihood forecasts for North Atlantic Right Whale and others.


flooded street with Road Closed sign

Risk Assessment

Insurance and reinsurance short- and long-term forecasts. Historical event characterization. Climate change scenario planning.


Severe Weather

Tropical and winter storm impacts, hurricane track and intensity, and coastal compound flooding predictions and historical event reconstruction.


Many people on the beach by the ocean

Coastal Tourism

Beach and near-shore water temperature, wave height, and water quality. Beach-specific bacterial and harmful algal bloom levels. 

Global ocean data, at your fingertips

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