Fathom Science™ delivers

high-resolution, high-fidelity Ocean Intelligence

Our cutting-edge metocean intelligence goes beyond simply re-packaging publicly available data.

With industry-leading, world-class science, we fill gaps in existing data sets, predict future conditions, and deliver precisely the information you need for efficiency and success.



Offshore wind, hydrocarbon, and hydrokinetic siting and resource data. Analyses of historical and future conditions. Velocity and location forecasts of ocean currents and eddies that can impact offshore assets.


Maps for commercial and recreational fishing, with conditions from surface to bottom. Cloud-free sea surface data. Water temperature fronts. Optimal catch location maps.


Probability of marine-environment hazards at a location, for insurers or those with assets at risk. Sea level rise, land erosion, wind and wave damage, heat, floods, and droughts.


Hurricane path and intensity forecasts. Tropical and winter storms, severe weather, coastal flooding, and land erosion predictions.


Velocity and location forecasts of ocean currents and eddies. Marine weather along routes. Improved navigational efficiency for vessels on and under the surface.


Beach and near-shore water temperature, wave height, and water quality. Beach-specific bacterial and harmful algal bloom levels. Rip currents.


Find Fish Faster with FishCast, the industry's most accurate cloud-free, ultra-high resolution sea surface temperature (SST), chlorophyll concentration (water color), and Optimal Catch Location maps! Coverage available for the U.S. East and West Coasts, Central American coasts, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea. 

Sea Surface Temperature

Chlorophyll Concentration

Optimal Catch Location


Explore particle movement in the ocean with DriftCast. Track the movement of passive, non-swimming particles as they are moved by currents. Find out where particles will go or where they came from. DriftCast Version 1.0 models tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) egg-larvae dispersal in the Gulf of Mexico.  Upcoming versions will model paths of other species, oil droplets, chemicals, pollutants, overboard items, and debris. Contact us for specific use cases.


Ocean-atmosphere integrated data collection, analytics, and numerical modeling. Expert interpretation. Tailored client interface. The information you need for planning, efficiency, and reporting.


Proprietary analytics and data for weather, ocean conditions, waves, and marine ecosystems. Real-time data validation. Cloud-computing scalability. Sound science.


Entire Water Column

Surface-to-bottom conditions including currents, salinity, & temperature.

Gaps Filled

Interpolation to calculate information when sea surface is cloud covered.

Greater Efficiency

Better information saves you time, money, and resources.

Custom Resolution

Broad regional coverage combined with smaller area, ultra-high resolution data.

Custom Format

Receive the information you need as a map, report, or API, with expert interpretation.

Custom Time Range

Historical, present, and future metocean conditions.