Fathom Science, an industry leader in Ocean Intelligence, offers unparalleled insights into marine environmental conditions as they impact biological activity in the ocean.

Our cutting-edge meteorology and ocean modeling can combine with historical observations of swimming organisms to predict the likelihood of finding them in a given ocean area, on a daily basis, for a 3-day forecast, and in the future. Species-level specificity.


BioCast provides ikelihood distributions of swimming organisms, by species, such as:

  • Whales
  • Sea turtles
  • Dolphins
  • Sharks
  • Commercial fish species
  • Other endangered species

Aerial view of whales and boats in the ocean

  • Predict likelihood of finding a species in a region on a daily basis

  • Predict distribution of a species in the future, including under climate change scenarios

  • Minimize bycatch likelihood while optimizing catch of target species

Example: Heatmap for North Atlantic Right Whale  presence likelihood in the Cape Cod, MA region on 11 April, 2024.


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