Fathom Science’s game-changing technology brings the ocean – past, present, and future –  to your fingertips.

Graphic of 3D ocean and sky

Digital Twin of the Ocean

A virtual testbed

A digital twin provides a safe tool to explore various outcomes under different parameters without impacting real-world environments.  Fathom’s coupled atmosphere-ocean-wave models plus sediment and biogeochemistry models make a realistic model of the ocean environment.  This “virtual ocean” can be used as a testbed for:

  • Climate change impact modeling
  • Ship route comparisons
  • Marine carbon dioxide removal (mCRD) modeling
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Future planning

AI/ML and Data Assimilation

Advanced computing, real-world basis 

Using our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques, Fathom’s data analytics are the state of the art. AI/ML can run thousands of times faster than numerical models, allowing for ensemble forecasting and estimates of uncertainty. 

Real-world observations are input (assimilated) into Fathom’s models daily, keeping them aligned with  existing conditions for greatest accuracy. 

Ocean Intelligence

Data and analytics

Fathom Science’s high-resolution, high-fidelity ocean and atmosphere data and analytics go beyond simply re-packaging publicly available data. Using coupled numerical modeling, we create a complete dataset of ocean and atmospheric conditions, every day.  We keep our model results on track with actual conditions by ingesting real-world observations from buoys, floats, satellites, radar, and other platforms.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) models developed by our experts offer additional insights and tools to understand and predict the marine environment.  

Fathom’s industry-leading, world-class technology:

  • Delivers complete conditions from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the ocean
  • Fills gaps in existing datasets
  • Predicts future conditions
  • Delivers precisely the information you need for efficiency, safety, and success

Model Coupling

More accurate understanding of real-world interactions

Fathom’s fully coupled atmosphere, ocean, and wave physics-based numerical models  pass information back and forth each timestep as they run, just as these systems do in the real world. To have a better understanding of how marine conditions will evolve, the interaction of these systems must be included in forecasts.  

Our fully coupled models give a more accurate picture than uncoupled, stand-alone models for all ocean modeling, and especially for:

  • Hurricane, tropical, post-tropical, and winter storm modeling
  • Wind resource assessment off or near shore
  • Wave fields and wave energy assessment
  • Historical conditions re-creation