Fathom Science’s game-changing technology brings the ocean – past, present, and future –  to your fingertips.

Digital Twin of the Ocean

Graphic of 3D ocean and sky

A digital twin provides a safe tool to explore various outcomes under different parameters without impacting real-world environments. 

Fathom’s coupled atmosphere-ocean-wave models plus sediment and biogeochemistry models make a realistic model of the ocean environment. 

AI / Machine Learning

AI/ML-based models can run thousands of times faster than conventional models, allowing for ensemble forecasting and estimates of uncertainty. 

Observations are assimilated into Fathom’s models daily, keeping them aligned with real-world conditions for greatest accuracy. 

Ocean Data Analytics

Fathom Science’s high-resolution, high-fidelity ocean and atmosphere data and analytics deliver precisely the information you need for efficiency, safety, and success.

Dynamical Coupling

Fathom’s fully coupled atmosphere, ocean, and wave physics-based models  produce more accurate solutions than uncoupled, stand-alone models for evolving ocean conditions.