Fathom Science, an industry leader in Ocean Intelligence, offers unparalleled insights into marine environment conditions.

Our AI-driven dynamic ship routing optimization algorithms, anchored in our state-of-the-art, data-assimilative meteorology and ocean prediction system, charts highly efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly routes for maritime vessels.

Route optimization based on ocean currents and weather can be combined with location-specific biological factors, such as North Atlantic Right Whale presence likelihood, a Fathom product in development.

Key Features

  • Operational, High-Resolution, Data-Assimilative Forecast: Utilizes cutting-edge data assimilation techniques to integrate real-time observations with our high-resolution ocean models and current weather conditions.
  • Dynamic Route Optimization: Our AI-based algorithm continuously analyzes the latest nowcast/forecast data to provide up-to-date optimal ship routing.
  • Customizable Route: Adjust routes based on specific operational requirements, environmental conditions, and safety protocols, ensuring optimal performance across different maritime sectors.

   Technical Specifications

  •  Accuracy : Integrates a diverse array of real-world observational data, encompassing satellite measurements, glider data, ARGO float observations, and other relevant sources. This extensive data integration ensures reliable ocean condition forecasts and route optimization.
  • Update Frequency: Ip to 7 day forecasts, allowing for proactive route planning and adjustments based on the latest environmental conditions.
  • Accessibility: Accessible via web or shipboard device for route adjustments when under way and for real-time monitoring.

Dynamic Route Optimization example: Fastest route and Route of least emissions from Newport, RI to the Bahamas. Ocean surface currents are shown in vector arrows and color shading.

ship routing example of most efficient and most direct routes


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