Fathom Science, an industry leader in Ocean Intelligence, offers unparalleled insights into marine environmental conditions.

Our cutting-edge meteorology and ocean prediction system, developed specifically for Offshore Wind (OSW) Energy, delivers industry-leading science to fill critical data gaps, forecast future atmosphere, ocean, and wave conditions, and provide essential information for operational safety, efficiency, and success.

  • Quantify wind energy resources

  • Schedule maintenance windows up to 7 days in advance

  • Plan load balancing with wind forecasts


Intelligence on all the environmental impacts that hit OSW assets: 

  • wind
  • storms
  • waves
  • salinity
  • currents
  • sediment movement
  • scour
  • eddies

animation of wind speed

10 days of Wind speed (Delaware, USA)

10 days of Wind Power Density (Delaware, USA)

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