Fathom Science has partnered with ROFFS to deliver the best available ocean information and provide the most detailed, reliable fishing forecasting analyses in the world! ROFFS has provided offshore fishing maps and customized analyses for decades to fishers on the U.S. East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Fathom Science’s cutting-edge technology now provides even greater accuracy and value to ROFFS’s clients. Fathom uses advanced data analytics and computer modeling to generate high-accuracy, ultra-high resolution (1 km) marine environment intelligence. The product is a three-dimensional analysis of ocean conditions, circulation, and weather that runs continuously, watching the ocean evolve hour-to-hour and day-to-day. Real-world data from satellites, buoys, and other sources are added daily to keep the products accurate and dependable. This lets Fathom produce cloud-free maps every day and predict tomorrow’s conditions.

ROFFS uses Fathom’s marine intelligence to support their analyses when clouds obscure satellite views, enabling them to offer an always-cloud-free guarantee. Further, Fathom’s metocean forecasts offer ROFFS’s clients improved details of the next day’s fishing conditions. Working together, ROFFS and Fathom evaluated and validated these products. The result is the most accurate cloud-free ocean products available anywhere.

Contact ROFFS (https://www.roffs.com/) to discover the value that this partnership can give your fishing team!