Fathom Science will serve as a panelist in the 2020 NASA GPM-ACCP Transportation and Logistics Virtual Workshop. The Roads, Railways, and Maritime Management and Operations panel session and discussion are scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th from 2:15 – 3:30 PM EST.

Join us at the workshop to learn about and discuss the role of weather data and the type of precipitation and cloud data products used for maritime activities and forecasting in the weather and ocean modeling community.

NASA’s Workshop description:

In a series of three half-day virtual meetings, this workshop will focus on current applications and future opportunities of NASA precipitation and cloud data products to support transport and logistical activities for aviation, maritime, roads and highway transportation systems. The workshop will bring together representatives from federal and state operational agencies, private companies and boundary organizations to discuss how NASA precipitation and cloud products could be better leveraged to inform decision making for transport and logistical operations.