Fathom Science’s President and Founder Ruoying He is an invited panelist at this year’s UNC Cleantech Summit. As part of the “Emerging US Offshore Wind Value Chain and NC” panel on Monday, March 27, Roy will speak on the importance of innovation in driving the offshore wind industry forward and how ocean and atmospheric data are crucial in determining site viability, understanding site characteristics, and positioning assets.

Fathom’s coupled atmosphere-ocean-wave numerical modeling resolve winds such as sea breezes that result from the interaction of the air and ocean, which are not captured by atmosphere-only models. The Fathom team will present details of the benefits of model coupling to the OSW industry at the Business Network for Offshore Wind 2023 IPF.

UNC Cleantech Summit: March 27 – 28, 2023 at The Friday Conference Center, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, NC