Fathom Science, an industry leader in Ocean Intelligence, offers unparalleled insights into marine environment conditions with our ocean, atmosphere, and wave forecasting technology. This tech forms the backbone of all our products. FishCast™ is a product that uses our proprietary ocean data combined with advanced data analytics to identify today’s best offshore fish.

The technology used in FishCast™ can be applied to create presence likelihood maps for other organisms, such as the North Atlantic Right Whale.  See BioCast.

Sea Surface Temperature

Ocean color / Chlorophyll concentration

Fathom’s Optimal Catch Location

Key Features

  • Data Layers: Sea Surface Temperature, Ocean Color, and our novel Optimal Catch Location heat map.
  • Hotspots: Today’s Top 10 locations provided by our Optimal Catch Location algorithm.
  • Updates: 3-day forecast with 3-hourly updates to ensure you always have the most up-to-date fishing recommendations.
  • Region Coverage: U.S. East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Bahamas. Expanding to other regions.
  • Availability: Subscription coming soon to access FishCast data layers on your chart plotter.

   Technical Specifications

  • Ocean State Accuracy: Our ocean forecast technology utilizes all satellite, buoy, and other available data streams to ensure the highest accuracy.
  • Fishing Hot Spot Accuracy: Our analytics always identify optimal fishing conditions such as where good bottom and temperature edges overlap.

FishCast regions

FishCast regions North & Central America east & west coast

Interested in being a FishCast Field Tester or trying a free sample? Contact us at the email below!