sea surface temp off NC, edges marked

On some water temperature maps that Fathom Science produces, a temperature front is marked. The front is often a place of high fish concentration, because it indicates where cold, nutrient-rich deep water is welling up into the warmer, sunlit regions. At the front, phytoplankton – the base of the fish […]

clouds over ocean

“Metocean” is a combination of the words “meteorological” and “oceanographic.” Metocean refers to the interaction of the atmosphere and the ocean, which influence each other and have profound impacts from global climate to coastal weather. These two massive bodies of thermodynamic, swirling fluids exchange moisture, heat, and energy at all […]

clouds over ocean satellite view

At any given time, a satellite’s view of the ocean’s surface is partly obscured by clouds. Despite this, some ocean models, such as those that Fathom Science uses, show clear images of sea surface temperature and chlorophyll a concentrations. How is this cloud-free sea surface view created? You might think […]

Gulf Stream at 500 m

Ocean modeling is the science of describing and predicting characteristics of the ocean, calculated from real-time data inputs and the physics of fluid dynamics. The inputs include observations from satellites, moorings, tidal gauges, high-frequency radar stations, and buoys, among other sources. This information is collected daily, hourly, or even more […]

computer servers

Fathom Science utilizes Cloud Computing resources to generate our in-house models. This combines our expertise with the latest and greatest in computational hardware in order to deliver accurate environmental conditions to our customers quickly. It also gives us flexibility to tailor our models to our customers’ needs, scaling up or […]

Ocean model coupling is the connection of several separate numerical fluid dynamic models (see Ocean Modeling Explained) so that output from each model becomes input for the other models. Models exchange information at specified intervals, so that, for example, predictions about the weather affect – and are affected by – […]