Fathom Science has been selected by NASA as one of 10 finalists to showcase their innovative technology at the 2021 NASA iTech Cycle II Forum.  NASA iTech received over 100 white papers submitted from companies across the U.S.  The NASA iTech showcase provides an opportunity for companies addressing NASA-relevant commercial markets to pitch to a diverse group of stakeholders that include NASA center chief technologists and other NASA subject matter experts, and potential investors in their fields.

Fathom will discuss our Ocean Intelligence technology and its applications in the iTech focus area “Technologies Using NASA Data to Foster Climate Resilience”. We are excited and grateful for this opportunity to participate and to work towards improving the nation’s preparedness for and resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Fathom’s Ocean Intelligence can help communities prepare for and monitor ocean-related hazards. It can also improve human activities by increasing the efficiency of operations, saving time, money, and resources.

Fathom’s Ocean Intelligence can aid in resilience scenario planning when used as a digital twin of the ocean. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real object or system that allows experimentation with conditions. We can adjust parameters of an event to explore results and impacts of different scenarios, providing insight into vulnerability, exposure, and risk. We can ask, for example, how many kW could be generated if storms are more frequent?, how far upstream will salt water intrude if sea level rises?, what will flood if storm surge is higher?, what if increased river runoff freshens the coastal ocean more?, where would fish larvae be swept if currents change?, and how fast will algae grow if surface water is warmer?

“…This coaching and networking helps build and support a community of innovators to improve the chances for their technologies to move into the marketplace, enhancing capability for both NASA and the country.” – Maxwell Briggs, acting program manager for NASA iTech

The Forum takes place at North Carolina State University in Raleigh Dec. 8-9, 2021. Register to attend the 2021 Cycle II Forum.

We hope to see you there!